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The Extreme Team

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Look Sensational in Your Senior Pictures

Now - Senior Pictures Photographers - specializing in Designer Style Senior Pictures - give you MORE POSES to help you look classy - or sassy!
Get exactly the look you want in your high school senior pictures. With incredible photography and dynamic poses.

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Now... join The Extreme Scene -

the high school seniors with the dynamic photography, and the tremendous variety of poses, that gives them the edge - the edge for the very best senior pictures in your class! Why pay extra for more poses?

Now you CAN get the variety of poses that you want - to get the look you want with -

The Extreme Team -

The incredible high school senior pictures photographers of Senior Photography Showcase Studios

With The Extreme Team you won't pay extra for extra poses!

In fact with The Extreme Team you'll save hundreds of dollars on your senior pictures and be able to get more than you ever dreamed you could!

Because The Extreme Team lets you keep your digital files!

Think of it! Get wallets and enlargements for a fraction of typical studio prices! In fact, get them at cost!

And get exactly what you want - including • retouching • custom printing •, and • digital art work • all at low, low lab prices. All at cost. No inflated markups.

And you won’t have to choose between expensive packages with some things you want - and other things you really don’t want. Now you can get exactly what you want! After all, YOU own the digital files. YOU are in charge!

And you'll have "the look" - the look you want in your senior pictures.

So whether you want to look classy, or sassy - or both - call the Extreme Team today!

Now...with The Extreme'll enjoy -

More Poses, More Outfits, More Locations, More time, More photos!

All for Less Money!
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For more information about senior portraits by Senior Photography Showcase Studios

Call 616-455-5515

Serving West Michigan

Grand Rapids, Holland, Jackson, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Muskegon, and the surrounding communities

Less Money